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Trash Disposal

Atascocita Forest's trash disposal service is provided by Residential Recycling & Refuse of Texas. Trash service is included in residents' water bill through Trail of the Lakes MUD. The MUD is responsible for the trash service contract; the HOA is not involved in trash service in any capacity. Please direct any questions or concerns about trash service to the service company or to Trail of the Lakes MUD.

Please help keep our neighborhood clean! Please refrain from throwing trash out of your vehicles or allowing debris to fly out of the back of your pick-up trucks. Parents, please ask your children to be courteous of our neighborhood and others while walking home and refrain from littering our streets.

Trash Service Information

Residents' trash should be placed at the curb within five (5) feet of the paved road by 7:00 AM on trash service days (Mondays & Thursdays) in waste containers not exceeding 35 gallons or in plastic trash bags. 

Yard Waste

All branches and tree limbs must be cut to four foot (4') lengths and tied in small bundles that can be lifted and handled by a single person. Bundles should be no larger than eighteen inches (18") in diameter and weigh no more than forty (40) pounds.

Heavy Trash & Appliances

Appliances, hot water heaters, mattresses, heavy or large volumes of yard waste and other white goods appropriate for disposal should be placed within five feet of the curbside and will be collected on heavy trash days (Thursdays).

Refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, or items that contain CFC's (Freon), by law, must have the gas removed by a licensed technician and be red tagged prior to collection.

Restricted Items

RRRT will collect and dispose of all your residential refuse unless restricted by law or if the item would cause damage to the collection equipment.

Restricted items include:

  • Cross ties, logs, or stumps
  • Tires
  • Solvents & paints
  • Petroleum products
  • Pool chemicals
  • Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides
  • Hazardous materials/chemicals
  • Car batteries
  • Soil, rocks, concrete, and construction materials
  • Medical waste, medical sharps, and closed containers.

Recycling Information

Recycling is picked up on Thursday of each week. Items for recycling should be placed in designated recycling containers (provided to residents the waste service company 30-60 days after water account has been set up). Please note that recycling items should be clearly separate from regular trash. If you do not yet have a recycling container, or if you have more recycling items than will fit in the recycling bin, please use clear or blue plastic bags for overflow items. Collection workers must be able to visually confirm the bags' contents as recycling material or it will not be picked up. Please note that you are not required to different types of recycling items (e.g. paper, glass, plastic, etc.) into separate containers.

Recyclable Items:

  • Metal items: aluminum cans, "tin" cans, aluminum foil and pans, etc.
  • Paper items: paper bags, newspapers, books, etc.
    Please take care to shred any papers containing sensitive personal information
  • Plastic items: bottles, jugs, containers, toys, etc.
  • Glass items: jars, bottles, containers, glass dishware, etc.

Although batteries, lightbulbs, and electronics are recyclable, please do not place them in your recycling to be picked up by RRRT. Click here to find a recycling location in Harris county for items not picked up by the waste service company.

Trash Service Schedule


In the event that one of the collection days falls on a holiday, the waste service company will collect your trash on the next scheduled service day.

In the event of an "Act of God", trash will be collected the next day.

Residential Recycling & Refuse of Texas
  (866) 516-9805
Email Address    [email protected]
Pickup Days     Monday (regular trash)
  Thursday (regular trash, heavy trash, & recycling)
  New Year's Day
  Memorial Day
  Independence Day
  Labor Day
  Thanksgiving Day
  Christmas Day