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Emergency Services



Constable: Precinct 4 911 281-376-3472
Vacation Watch Registration Form

Atascocita Forest's police coverage is contracted with the Harris County Constable, Precinct 4 through the Trail of the Lakes MUD. The constable provides police patrol and response services throughout the MUD district, including Atascocita Forest, The Forest, and Clayton's Park.

The Pct 4 Constable also offers a vacation watch program to residents. If you will be away from your home and would like for officers to keep an eye on your property while you are gone, complete the vacation watch form on the Pct 4 website.

Fire & EMS

Atascocita Volunteer Fire Dept 911 or 281-852-2233 281-852-2181

AVFD recommends dialing 911 for fire emergencies. Although there may be up to a 30 second delay in getting your call from the 911 operator to the AVFD dispatcher, the advantage is that your calling number and address will be automatically recorded with this system. This means that if you get disconnected (or the fire destroys your phone lines) they know where you are and will dispatch their equipment to your address anyway.

The non-emergency number given above rings directly at the AVFD dispatch office so there is no delay involved; however, they don’t have the call tracing equipment on that line, therefore if you get disconnected while on the direct line before they have the necessary information, they have no way of knowing your calling number or your calling address (i.e. they can’t dispatch). Please discuss this information with your family so your household can make an informed choice as to which would be the better emergency number for you.