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Deed Restrictions

Deed Restrictions are something that everyone usually approves of until they are asked to comply with them. The AFCA Board of Trustees applies a “fair and consistent” rule when pursuing deed restrictions. It is your responsibility to be aware of the deed restrictions concerning your lot, but we will help in this regard by making these documents readily available to you on this site. One of the common trouble areas is when a homeowner desires to paint, place siding on, remodel, add on, or otherwise modify the look of their residence.

In every case, you are required to submit an ACC form describing the intended action and to get approval before you start work.

Don’t assume that because you see the color you want to paint or a similar renovation on another house in AF that your proposal will automatically be approved or that you don’t need to submit an ACC form.

There are slight differences in the deed restrictions for the 20 sections which make up AF, and the item which you are viewing might be OK in its respective section, but might not be OK in your section.

Also, we might be in the process of dealing with a violation on the very house that you want to copy, and the fact that you begin or complete your project before/without approval will not change our decision process on whether your project receives approval. Obviously, it will be more expensive to complete your project if you have to undo part of it or do most of it over again in order to comply with a deed restriction decision concerning your property.

The ACC review process involves a committee of 3 people, all of which look at your request. We are allowed up to 30 days to return your form to you, and although it is often done sooner than this, it does take some time to be routed through this committee. Bottom line…don’t wait until the Wednesday before the weekend you want to paint before you submit your request. It won’t happen that fast.

Also, don’t ask Goodwin & Co. for the names, numbers, or addresses of the committee members. Since your form has to be seen by 3 members to complete processing, it is not possible for you to pay an “emergency visit” to one of the committee members to get immediate approval of your project.

Also, these committee members put in long hours doing ACC and other work for AF. Please honor their privacy by not attempting to contact them at home.

If you have concerns about your ACC process, contact Pam Valentine at Goodwin & Co at 855-289-6007.