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ACC Modification Request Form

If you plan to make modifications to the exterior of your home, you must complete and submit a request to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval prior to beginning the work. The ACC will review the plans to ensure that they are in-keeping with the established aesthetic of the neighborhood, are well within the boundaries and easements on your lot, and are within the guidelines of the deed restrictions for your section.

Residents may complete and submit the ACC request digitally by logging into TownSq here.


Please attach a scanned sketch of the location of the proposed work on a copy of the plat of your property. Scaled architect’s, engineer’s, or contractor’s drawings may be used as an alternative if lot lines, easements, and building set-back line are shown. Sketches are NOT required for re-roofing or re-painting your home; however, re-roofing submissions require shingle weight and color to be specified, and re-painting submissions must be accompanied by paint chip samples.

Your request will be reviewed as soon as possible. The committee is required to act on the plans within 30 days, but the review process rarely takes that long. The process will be expedited if you ensure that you include all required and relevant information in your initial request to reduce the need for submitting additional information as requested by the committee.