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Tennis Facility

The Atascocita Forest Recreation Center features a tennis facility for the enjoyment of our residents and their guests. The tennis facility is available year-round and offers 3 fenced fully-lit tennis courts, as well as a backboard for individual players.

Tennis Court Access

Residents have open access to the tennis courts when using the key fob provided for the community park, which may be obtained at the office of our management company, Goodwin & Co., located in Humble.

Tennis Court Lighting

The tennis courts feature bright metal halide lighting, enabling residents to play after dark. To turn on the lights, twist the knob on the lighting control box (located inside the tennis court fence in the corner closest to the street and the pool) one full clockwise turn. The lights are on a timer: a full clockwise twist of the knob will provide an hour of lighting, and you can re-position the timer to any position for additional time.

The lights may take up to 5 minutes to come to their full brightness. If the lighting timer runs out and the lights extinguish, it can take up to 20 minutes for them to return to their full brightness. Therefore, if you plan to play for more than an hour, ensure you adjust the light timer knob accordingly to prevent the lights from going out.

We kindly ask for you to help conserve electricity when using the courts: when you are finished playing and are ready to leave the courts, please adjust the timer knob so that there are only a few minutes remaining on the timer. This will allow you enough time to exit the courts, lock the gate, and return to your vehicle without leaving an unnecessary amount of time (and wasted electricity) on the timer.

Tennis Court Rules

When using the tennis facility, we ask that residents abide by the rules listed below to ensure the the enjoyment and safety of all community members.
  1. Use of the tennis facility is limited to AFCA homeowners and their guests. Guests are considered to be:
    1. A relative who occasionally visits a resident of Atascocita Forest
    2. A visting friend of a resident
    3. A relative or friend here on vacation
    4. Residents of Atascocita Forest without their own fob may not be guests of a resident with a fob.
  2. Guest(s) using the tennis facility must be accompanied by a resident with a key fob.
  3. No pets, bicycles, or other modes of transportation are allowed beyond the tennis court gate.
  4. Tennis court entry by gate only.
  5. No horseplay permitted inside tennis courts.
  6. During times when the tennis courts are busy, players are asked to limit their use of the courts to 30 minutes and allow others the opportunity to play.
  7. When you are done playing (and there are no other key-holder players present), please ensure the tennis court gate is closed and locked.
  8. Please help us to keep the tennis courts clean so that other residents may enjoy them: dispose of any trash, including tennis ball can tops, in appropriate trash receptacles in the park.
  9. Tennis court fobs are for the use of the authorized household only; fobs should not be loaned or given to anyone outside of the authorized household. Doing so may result in the household's privilege to use the tennis court and other recreational amenities being revoked.